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Hotel Sleepwood, Eupen
Cabot Plastics, Pepinster und Loncin
Redex IT, London
Cognizant, New Jersey



Referenzen, wie gegeben (Originalsprache)

Keith O’Neil (Support Engineer) – 10. September 2020

Thorsten is a quick learner, who is able to see the bigger picture whilst also focusing on the minute details. I had the pleasure of working with Thorsten for a year in Deycom, where we collaborated on numerous projects. He was always generous with his knowledge, and easy to work with. He cares about customers, and was always driven to deliver the best solution possible. Thorsten would be an excellent asset to any team!

Stefan Bondorf (Support Manager) – 30. Januar 2020

Thorsten has proven to be a strong support technician with an excellent analytical thought process. This skill set is complemented by a strong “customer first” mind set and good communication skills.

Marc Locicero (Sales Representative) – 22. Januar 2020

I’ve had the great pleasure to work with Thorsten from 2008 till 2012. Thorsten is always available to help you, always on top of technology, very accurate and dedicated to his job. Thorsten has a very endearing personality and contribute a lot to the atmosphere of the team in a positive way. he is full of ideas and is generous in suggestion to improve the way we work. I would recommend Thorsten strongly to any companies.

Sebastian Knapp (Resolution Manager) – 21. Januar 2020

Thorsten’s customer focus is exemplary. I’ve had the pleasure of working as an escalation manager on many difficult situations with Thorsten as my technician. His technical skills and his ability to identify customer needs and wants paired with his impeccable communication skills greatly contributed to the swift resolution of many complex situations. Working in a team of varying levels of experience, Thorsten was always aware of his position as a senior engineer and helped less experienced team members to upskill and was always approachable to assist on cases. For Thorsten the customer always came first, not only the ones he was directly involved, but every customer his team was working with. All that made Thorsten one of my preferred technicians to work with through the most difficult situations, as I could always rely on his skills and dedication to do right by our customers. I hereby recommend Thorsten for his technical and customer handling skills for any prospective employer. I’m hoping he will deliver ever more for other workplaces as well.